21" HIGH, BASE 4" X 7"

    $1,350  (Add S. H. & INS.)

Alan J. P. Thompson Sculptor

Drums are fascinating musical instruments. "Rope drums", as they are called, were used in the Revolutionary War to signal the soldiers when to advance, flank and maneuver on the battle field. Their basic form had not changed much since the 1500s and they are still played today in parades, re-enactments and musters.

The picture on the left shows in detail the rope drum tension system Note, the rope through the rims, the angle of the drum head and how the drum seems to move freely with the drummers knee. Even the sling (hanging from the drum bottom) seems to swing in time with the marcher.

Look carefully too, at the correct positioning of the hands and sticks as the drummer plays an actual drum rudiment such as a roll or a flam.

The authentic clothing costume and all important three cornered hat attest to the accuracy of this figure as he marches down the old dirt road from Lexington to  Concord.

Here at last, is a sculpture depicting the actual playing and marching of a drummer in meticulous detail. 
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